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Our Services

Spring Pool Opening

When we're done with your pool it will be perfectly clean, balanced, and ready for the new season!

  • Removal & thorough cleaning of winter cover.
  • Pool system start up & inspection.
  • Removal of debris and complete vacuum job.
  • Water line & tile scrub.
  • Pool deck cleaning (power washing extra.)
  • Water balance.
  • Addition of necessary chemicals.

Winter Pool Closing

  • Thorough vacuuming and removal of debris.
  • Water balancing.
  • Draining of water level to appropriate levels.
  • Remove and put solar blanket away.
  • Winterizing of the plumbing system and equipment, using environmentally friendly pool safe anti-freeze.
  • Removing all ladders and equipment as necessary for your particular pool.
  • Installation of winter cover, inspecting it's integrity.

Weekly Maintenance

A perfectly clean pool all summer? Hard to imagine, but sign up for weekly service and it can be true! Service includes:

  • Inspection of equipment.
  • Vacuuming of pool.
  • Brushing of pool walls and water line.
  • Skimming of debris.
  • Clean all baskets.
  • Backwash system as needed.
  • Add necessary chemicals to achieve balance.
  • Wash down of deck area.
Cost: $215+
Cost: $215+
Cost: $40 & Up + Chemicals

Weekly Chemical Maintenance

  • Complete water testing and balancing of water
  • Inspection of equipment and systems.
  • Skimming of pool service.
  • Empty all baskets.
  • Backwash system as needed.

Jetted Bath Tub Repair

We fix indoor jetted bath tubs of all makes and models. Pumps and buttons not working, jets, leaks and acrylic repair.

Service Call - Pool or Spa

Email or call us for repairs on your pool or spa.
  • We repair all brands of
    Pools & Spas.
Cost: $40 & Up + Chemicals
Cost: $105 per hour + parts
Cost: $105 per hour + parts

Hot Tub Moving

Email or Call for details on pricing.

In-Ground Pool Construction

Email or call us for pricing and/or consulting details.

Warranty Information

Warranty on jobs will follow individual manufactures warranties which will cover parts only and in some cases labor. Labor warranty will be clearly stated on individual invoices if applicable and necessary, if not stated on invoice clearly, no warranty is offered on labor or parts. Warranty when stated does not transfer between owners of pool/spa. For warranty to potentially transfer between owners a site visit will be required w/new owners for inspection and an appropriate fee will be charged to transfer the warranty if the warranty can be transferred depending on site visit findings.
Cost: $150 - $450
Cost: Email or Call
Questions: Email or Call

Liner Replacement

Email or call us for a liner replacement consultation at your home, we deal with the best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality, a perfect fit, and the most beautiful patterns.